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Anthrax Outbreak: Authorities place restriction on Animal mobility.


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Anthrax Outbreak: Authorities place restriction on Animal mobility.

Anthrax Outbreak: The restriction on the transit, slaughter, sale, and eating of cattle, small ruminants, and their products has been extended to the whole region by the Upper East Regional Public Health Emergency Management Committee.

Anthrax outbreak
Cutaneous anthrax, the most common form of infection caused by bacteria Bacillus anthracis. 3D illustration showing the characteristic black eschar on the hand skin

After two additional districts reported cases of the anthrax illnesses that first emerged in the area a week ago, bringing the total number of affected districts to four, the ban, which also forbids animals from going into the area, became essential.

Bolgatanga Municipal, Talensi, Bawku West, and Binduri Districts are the only ones that have so far reported cases of the illness, which has already claimed the lives of one person and infected 13 others.

In the affected areas, the sickness also claimed the lives of nine cattle and 24 sheep and goats.

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Anthrax Outbreak

The disease killed two cattle in the Talensi District and Bolgatanga Municipal on June 7, 2023, prompting the committee’s chairman, Mr. Stephen Yakubu, to announce at a press conference that the ban, which had originally only applied to districts in the Eastern Corridor of the region, had been expanded to include the entire region.

He said that the action was taken to save both human and animal life and stop the outbreak from spreading across the country.

The Upper East Regional Minister, Mr. Yakubu, disclosed that the free anthrax immunisation programme has been expanded to include the entire Region.

The Regional Minister gave the directive to a number of state agencies, including the Municipal and District Chief Executives, Environmental Health Officers, Veterinary Officers, Police, Military, Immigration, Food and Drugs Authority, and all heads of entry points to the region.

Mr. Yakubu urged the media to avoid inciting panic and obtain information from the appropriate authorities in order to properly inform the public about the disease, encourage immunisation of livestock, and discourage people from handling or eating sick or dead animals.

anthrax vaccine
anthrax vaccination

We thus request that you, as members of the press, help our efforts to inform the community’s leaders and citizens and to urge them to immediately report any deceased animals to the local veterinary officers, health officers, community health volunteers, and environmental health officials.

Signs and Symptoms

In addition, he urged you to inform the populace that anybody experiencing fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing, headaches, skin rashes, or convulsions should go right away to the nearest medical facility.

Bacillus anthraces, a bacterium that forms spores, is the source of the uncommon but dangerous bacteria and zoonotic disease known as anthrax disease.

It mostly affects animals, including cattle, sheep, goats, and dogs, but it can also infect people when they come into touch with or eat an infected animal.

On June 1, 2023, the Bansi town in the Binduri District and Sapeliga, in the Bawku West District, where one person was confirmed dead and 11 others contracted the disease after ingesting dead livestock, the area reported its first incidence of the year.

As of Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at noon, the veterinary services had vaccinated 1,068 cattle, 757 sheep, and 514 goats.


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