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Effect of watermelon on pregnancy


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Effect of watermelon; Women go through a difficult moment during pregnancy. Consuming a five-star diet rich in fruits helps to support a healthy pregnancy and relieves other symptoms like edema.

As a result, eating watermelon when pregnant is essential. Pregnant women can eat watermelon because it is safe and packed with nutrients.

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Scientific Name: Citrullus lanatus

Origin: Southern Africa

Other Names: Tarbooz (Hindi and Urdu), Kadu vrindavana (Marathi), puchakaya (Telugu), Kallangadi (Kannada), Tormuj (Bengali), and Indrak (Gujarati)

With summer comes the sweet and alluring scent of watermelon! The fruit quench thirst and satisfy taste buds without any efforts.

Watermelon, is a fruit with 92% water and 100% taste. It has a typical sweet, juicy, crunchy flavor with an appealing granular texture that makes it one of the top choices to beat the summer heat.

This fruit is an excellent source of essential nutrients, including Vitamin A, C, B6, magnesium, and potassium. Watermelon also high in fiber, a property that makes it a part of the ‘tummy-filling’ clan. The seeds of this fruit are crunchy and wholly edible.

This was watermelon and its properties in a nutshell. Let’s move on to the next section to know about its importance during pregnancy. Stay with us!

Benefits of Watermelon during gestation

Prevents edema: Edema, or light swelling of the feet and hands, is very common during pregnancy. Watermelon with its high-water content reduces the blockages in the veins and the muscles and thus helps prevent edema.

Prevents dehydration: All pregnant women are advised to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Dehydration can cause premature contractions and lead to a premature birth. Watermelon contains more than 90% water and eating it is a great way to stay hydrated.

watermelon juice

Reduces heart burns: Watermelon is very soothing for the stomach and the food pipe. Pregnant women suffer from various digestive problems like acidity and heartburn. Watermelon has cooling properties that help ease these problems, giving instant relief.

Aids in the reduction of muscle clamp: During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a wide array of changes. The extra weight and hormones cause the muscles and bones to ache.

Consuming watermelon in any of its forms helps the body cope better with these changes and ease the muscle cramps.

Pigmentation prevention: Many pregnant women suffer from pigmented skin. This irritating problem can take away the joy from pregnancy. Watermelons keep the bowel movements smooth and ease the digestion of food. This, in turn, affects the skin texture for good. The pigmentation of the skin in various parts of the body is minimized by the regular cleansing of the body.

Immune booster: The body is defending two souls while a woman is pregnant. Mother and developing child. Any interruption in your health has a direct impact on the growth and development of the unborn kid.

The immune system can be strengthened by watermelon. This fruit contains lycopene, an antioxidant that gives it its red colour and aids in lowering pre-eclampsia risk by 50%. Additionally, it is crucial in boosting immunity, which may suffer during pregnancy.

Prevention of constipation: Constipation is a common problem during gestation. Watermelon is a safe and reliable cure to clear away your disrupted bowel movements. It is highly rich in fiber which promotes stool formation, and its water content helps clear the passageway, creating pressure for bowels.

Reduces the rate of morning sickness: Watermelon, consumed during the mornings, gives a very refreshing, soothing and light start to the day. It also contains nutritional and energizing properties that prevent the occurrence of morning sickness.

Prevention of heat rashes: Pregnancy also paves the way for more body heat, resulting in heat rashes that can cause irritation and itching. Watermelon, with its high hydrating power and cooling properties, is an excellent solution for these rashes.

The fruit also prevents the persistent dryness of the skin, keeping it hydrated and itch-free.

Treat UTI: In the early stages of pregnancy, many women complain of urinary tract infection (UTI). It’s a common yet annoying problem that multiplies with our inability to go for proper medication during pregnancy.

This juicy fruit is perfect due to its high-water content and antibacterial properties. This way watermelon helps flush the stagnating bacteria from the urinary tract, relieving you from constant and painful urination.

Promotes a healthy vision: Watermelon also contains beta-carotene, an antioxidant that gets converted into vitamin A, in abundance. This way it helps scavenge free-radicals that may cause severe damage to the cells. Vitamin A is also related to a healthy vision, as it helps protect the outer layer of the eye (cornea). It also facilitates a healthy optical nerve transmission.

Aids fetus bone formation: Watermelon is also particularly high in calcium and potassium, minerals that are directly linked to the proper bone development of your unborn baby.


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