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Hon. Sam George Addresses LGBTQ Issues at IHSS 2023


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Hon. Sam George Addresses LGBTQ Issues at IHSS 2023

Accra, Ghana – September 9, 2023 Hon. Sam George Addresses LGBTQ Issues


In a panel discussion at the International Health Students Summit (IHSS) 2023, Hon. Sam George, a prominent Ghanaian legislator, delved into the complexities surrounding LGBTQ+ rights in Ghana.

Sam George Addresses LGBTQ

The summit, attended by numerous human rights advocates, legal experts, and activists, provided a platform for discussing crucial issues related to human rights and social justice.

During his contribution, Hon. Sam George emphasized the distinction between sex and gender.

He asserted that, in Ghana, human rights are based on biological sex rather than gender identity.

Sam George Addresses LGBTQ
IHSS 2023

Sex, he argued, is a biological construct, while gender is a social construct. This perspective underpins the prevailing legal framework in the country.

Hon. Sam George highlighted the role of the National House of Chiefs as custodians of Ghanaian human rights.

He stressed the need for Ghana to define its values and adhere to them, suggesting that any rights not aligned with these values may not be considered legitimate human rights.

The legislator also touched upon public health concerns, noting that men having sex with men is associated with an increase in sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, in the country.

This observation framed part of the discussion on the LGBTQ+ advocacy bill.

Regarding the LGBTQ+ advocacy bill, Hon. Sam George expressed reservations.

He called for the removal of intersex individuals (hermaphrodites) from the bill due to confusion surrounding their inclusion.

Furthermore, he advocated for the cessation of the LGBTQ+ advocacy bill altogether.

The legislator made a case for consistency in legislation, pointing out that certain acts are criminalized in media presentations. In light of this, he questioned why LGBTQ+ issues should not be treated similarly under the law.

Hon. Sam George’s speech at IHSS 2023 stirred conversations among the attendees.

While some agreed with his stance, others stressed the importance of recognizing LGBTQ+ rights as fundamental human rights. The debate continues, and Ghana’s approach to LGBTQ+ issues remains a topic of significant national discourse.

As the discussion unfolds, 26 speakers are waiting for the outcome of the LGBTQ+ bill, potentially looking to Ghana’s approach as a model standard for addressing LGBTQ+ rights in other nations.

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