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How to Renew NMC PIN: Easy steps to Renew NMC PIN using the NMC App.



How to Renew NMC PIN in Ghana: Easy steps to Renew NMC PIN using the NMC App.

How to Renew NMC PIN in Ghana: In this article, we’ll look at how to renew your PIN or AIN with the N&MC Android App, the app is also available for IOS users on the Appstore.

How to Renew NMC PIN

How to Sign Up 

  • Tap “Continue” when you first launch the App. 
  • Tap on “Create an account”. 
  • In the next activity (screen), you’ll have to verify your details after which, tap “Next”. Enter the following details;
  • Registration Number: Enter your registration number as stated on your N&MC certificate/AIN. e.g.: PHN2783   
  • PIN/AIN: You need the code on the N&MC card given to you. e.g.: 16GO43119008  
  • Your Full Name.

Now, you’ll want to type the following details to create your account.

Username: I assume you have a Facebook account so you know what a username is. 

Password: A strong password contains letters, numbers, and symbols. Concerning the letters, you should use both lower and upper cases. Yet, it can be as simple as Kay23 or Frank23@23 in but write it somewhere so you don’t lose it if you forget.
It is difficult to recover your password from the app once you forget it. 

Email: Enter your email address here e.g.: myhealthinkanilove@gmail.com  

Phone number: Provide a valid phone number.

Next, set your three recovery questions, you’ll be given 9 questions in all to select and answer 3. You MUST type true answers (that you can remember) because you’ll be asked these questions when you forget your password and wants to recover it. Some Apps will ask too if they detect unusual activity on your account. After this step, your account should be created.

Renewing Your PIN/AIN

How to Renew NMC PIN in Ghana: If your account has been created successfully, congrats. You’ll be taken to the dashboard where you can renew your PIN/AIN. As soon as your PIN/AIN expires, you’ll be notified right on the dashboard, all you have to do is tap on the button that says “Your renewal is overdue” to proceed with payment.

How to Renew NMC PIN in Ghana:

Uploading CPD Certs

The first step here is to upload your N&MC CPD certificates. These are the certs you had when you completed courses on the WCEA app and took exams.

So, head out to the button with the ‘graduation hat’ (the last one on the WCEA app), and download your certificates but I think it better to get the PDF document which contains the courses you’ve taken and their respective points.

Tap on the ‘Download’ button at the top of the activity that launches when you tapped on the graduation hat to get it.

  • Tap CPD Docs. 
  • Tap Upload File. 
  • Tap Allow to give the application access to your storage device. 
  • Browse to locate relevant CPD documents, select the file, and tap Upload. 
  • Tap the file name to view it, or tap the delete icon to delete the file (in case you got the wrong one).

How to Renew NMC PIN in Ghana:

Making Payment Via MoMo

Follow these steps to pay with your mobile phone, that is, using mobile money.

  • Tap Payments. 
  • Select PIN/AIN Renewal from the list of services. 
  • Review the payment summary and tap Pay. 
  • Select Pay with Mobile. 
  • Provide the following details: 
  • Mobile Network 
  • Mobile Number
  • Tap Pay to approve the fee deduction and complete the payment process.

How to Renew NMC PIN in Ghana:

Making Payment Via Card

To pay using a bank card which is usually called an ATM Card, ‘Credit Card’, or Debit Card, follow these steps.

  • Tap Payments 
  • Select Pay with Card 
  • Provide the following details; 
  • Card Number 
  • Card Holder Name 
  • Card Expiry Date (Month/Year) 
  • Card Verification Value (CVV Number)
  • Tap Pay to approve the fee deduction and complete the payment process.

The entire PIN/AIN renewal process has been summarized in the picture below.

How to Renew NMC PIN


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