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Tetrapleura tetraptera: 16 shocking revelations of aidan fruit.


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Tetrapleura tetraptera: Prekese, also known as Tetrapleura tetraptera,

Prekese. Aidan Fruit

is a native of West Tropical Africa and a member of the pea family with a number of therapeutic uses.

The plant’s fruits have an extremely strong scent that has insect-repelling qualities. This medicinal herb is indigenous to Africa. Prekese can be used to treat a variety of illnesses, including convulsions, leprosy, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, and other ailments.

Tetrapleura tetraptera: effects of aidan fruit on your body

What Is Prekese?

Prekese is a dark purple-brown fruit that is 15–25 cm long and 5 cm broad. It has four longitudinal wings that resemble ridges. Its flavour is somewhat sweet and stringent, and it tends to lend a pleasant, fragrant scent to soups and other meals when they are cooked.

The plant also has phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory effects, and antioxidants. It also has therapeutic properties in its bark, fruits, and leaves.

Tetrapleura tetraptera: effects of aidan fruit on your body

Nutritional Facts of Prekese

Aridan is very nutrient-dense since it is loaded with minerals and phytochemicals that are vital for our bodies. Additionally, it is abundant in flavonoids, tannins, steroids, and phenolic compounds, as well as iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus.

Prekese has a dietary energy content of between 234.42 and 379.48 g/cal, 7.44% to 17.50% in terms of crude protein, and 4.98% to 20.36% in terms of crude fat

Other Local Names of Prekese

Prekese is from West Africa. As a result, the plant goes by numerous names throughout the tribes and nations that surround Africa. For instance, Nigerians in Igbo refer to it as oshosho or osakirisa, whereas Nigerians in Yoruba refer to it as aidan and ubukirihu. The additional regional names include Imiminje, Apapa, Edeminang, and Ighimiaka.

It is referred to as prɛkɛsɛ in Twi, in Ghana. Aidan fruit is the name given to the plant in English.

Tetrapleura tetraptera: effects of aidan fruit on your body

Now let us take a look at the immense health benefits of prekese:

1. Control Diabetes: Tetrapleura tetraptera is useful for treating Type 2 diabetes mellitus, according to a rat research. Prekese fruit extract is thought to reduce blood sugar levels both during and after fasting.

2. Promotes Weight Loss: You may easily lose weight by drinking prekese tea since the prekese beverage can help the body get rid of excess fat.

Tetrapleura tetraptera: effects of aidan fruit on your body

3. Treatment of Gastrointestinal Diseases: Because the plant contains phytochemicals, it can be used to treat gastrointestinal conditions like vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomach discomfort.

4. Fever: Prekese is an excellent treatment for cold symptoms. The plant works best when it is soaked in warm water. Utilize the infused water for a bath.

The body temperature is claimed to be significantly reduced by doing this. If you have enema, constipation, or emetic, you may also try this therapy.

5. Hypertension: The plant’s stem and bark can be used to treat high blood pressure. According to studies, the plant helps lower high blood pressure and lower patients’ levels of oxidative stress.

6. Acts as Mosquito Repellant: The plant repels mosquitoes because of its strong scent. The essential oils found in prekese are thought to be responsible for the substance’s effects.

7. Postpartum Care: The plant pod is added to soup as a flavouring and is best given to new moms to stop contractions. It is claimed that the pods are rich in potassium, calcium, and iron. According to study, these three elements are crucial for postpartum mothers. Prekese soup restores lost blood and helps nursing women produce milk.

8. Management of Convulsion: In traditional medicine, the stem, fruit, and leaves of the prekese are used to make herbal mixtures. Convulsions may be controlled with the use of this. Studies show that the plant’s aqueous extract has anticonvulsant properties and has an impact on the central nervous system.

9. Treats Leprosy: According to a study, the Aridan plant is also used in leprosy treatment. The disease greatly affects the skin, mucous membranes, and nerves which leads to lumps and skin blemishes. The more serious leprosy cases can also cause mutilation and abnormalities.

10. Culinary Purposes: The dried Taub plant, which has a pleasant perfume, is frequently used as a spice to enhance the flavour of a variety of foods, including fish pepper soup, white soup, meat pepper soup, and kernel soup. While cooking, this spice can be broken or crushed into little pieces.

11. Treats Cardiovascular System: Prekese is beneficial for the cardiovascular system because of its addition of essential phytochemicals. It can also be used for treating heart-related diseases.

12. Contain Molluscicidal Properties: According to studies, the aqueous extracts of the leaves, stalk, stem, roots, and bark of the plant have molluscicidal agents.

This reveals why it serves as a pesticide for treating pests. Prekese is mostly used for gardening and planting flowers to get rid of gastropod pests like slugs and snails.

13. Anti-inflammatory Properties: The plant extracts have anti-inflammatory agents and create an impact on several human pathogens. This can lead to lowering body inflammation, arthritis, and rheumatoid pain.

14. Dermatological Care: The prekese fruit can be dried in direct sunlight and blended into a fine powder. This extract is then used as an ingredient in soaps.

It serves as a dermatological care product because of the presence of antibacterial and antimicrobial agents. The dried powdered extract can be used with other ingredients like palm kernel oil and shea butter for external use. You may look for these ingredients while looking for soaps.

15. Supports Immune System: The plant is a rich source of vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. It helps in strengthening the immune system.

The presence of iron in the plant help in regeneration lost blood, zinc provides protections against the virus that leads to respiratory tract infections, while potassium and calcium help in managing, preventing, and controlling muscle disorders and bone strengthening.

16. Has Antibacterial Properties: According to studies, the plant’s alcohol content and water extracts may cause staphylococcus aureus to grow. Prekese’s inclusion of tannins and glycosides can also aid in limiting the development of germs.

Tetrapleura tetraptera: effects of aidan fruit on your body

How to Prepare Aridan

The prekese pods can be crushed and broken into small pieces to add as food flavoring. In addition, the plant can be added to food during cooking and scooped out before serving. It is essential to add this spice to the food so that it infuses well and provides an aromatic fragrance.

In herbal medicines the aidan stem, root, leaves, bark, and pods can be mixed, boiled, squeezed, soaked, crushed, extracted, and made into concoctions.

Tetrapleura tetraptera: effects of aidan fruit on your body


Nothing in this post should be construed as professional advice or a diagnosis; it is solely meant for reference. Before making any decisions about your health, always visit a doctor. They will advise and administer the appropriate care.


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