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UG Public Health Courses and Requirements: Check Now


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UG Public Health Courses and Requirements: Check Now

UG Public Health Courses: The University of Ghana’s School of Public Health thinks that appropriately skilled public health professionals will provide technical expertise in important fields like population, family, and reproductive health,

health informatics and e-health, environmental hazards and related diseases, occupational health, social and behavioral sciences, training research and planning, and the implementation of specific disease control programs like malaria, AIDS, and non-communicable diseases.

The mission is to train Public Health Practitioners who will be leaders and change agents for health development in Ghana in particular and in the wider African context.

The Philosophy of the school is ‘School of Public Health Without Walls’. The philosophy attempts to achieve an ‘optimum mix’ of classroom and fieldwork.

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UG Public Health Courses and Requirements: Check Now

Undergraduate Programs

UG Public Health Courses

UG Public Health Courses: In response to the demand for well-trained mid-level technical and leadership capabilities for the Ghanaian health sector, the Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) programs were launched in 2010.

The BPH programme is intended to give these mid-level healthcare professionals, who previously had degrees or certificates, the chance to further their careers. It offers a chance for ongoing professional growth as well.

The programme has been designed with the following specializations:

Bachelor of Public Health Epidemiology and Disease Control

Public Health Nutrition

Bachelor of Health Promotion

Bachelor of Health Information Management

Bachelor of Public Health Nursing

Bachelor of Public Health Environmental Health

3 years full-time for Level 200 entrants

UG Public Health Courses and Requirements: Check Now

University of Ghana School of Public Health Admissions

Each year, the school accepts new applicants for its postgraduate programmes by the University’s normal admissions criteria.

For application instructions, see the University website’s Graduate Admissions section. An aptitude test and an examination may be expected of all applicants.

The following are some entry requirements for each programme. This is however subject to change.

Bachelor of Public Health
a diploma in health or a related field of study with an FGPA (or equivalent) of 3.2 or above from the University of Ghana, another school that has been granted recognition by the University of Ghana, or a facility that is affiliated with the Ghanaian Ministry of Health.

A special committee that will be constituted by the Dean may decide that applicants with diplomas from universities other than those listed above are qualified. The committee will review the candidate’s academic records and the diploma’s course requirements to decide whether or not his or her prior training is appropriate before making recommendations to the Dean. A selection interview and an entrance exam are both required of all selected candidates. Individuals that meet the entrance requirements start at Level 200.

Graduate Programs

Master of Public Health
a strong undergraduate degree in a relevant field. Significant professional expertise in the health field would be advantageous.

Master of Science in Applied Health Social Science
Those with strong undergraduate degrees in social science who work as managers or providers of health services. Applicants should have a minimum of three years of professional experience.

Master of Health Informatics
Candidates must hold a strong first degree in one of the major fields of study, ideally in the disciplines related to health, math, statistics, IT, or health.

The applicants’ prior course work and any prior computing experience should demonstrate a solid quantitative foundation.

MPhil in Applied Epidemiology and Disease Control
Ideally, you should have at least three years of relevant job experience in addition to a good first degree (at least a 2nd Class Upper) in the pitch. Applicants holding an MPH, MSc, MBChB, or a degree of equivalent are also acceptable. Applicants must be knowledgeable about or interested in public health.

Master of Science in Clinical Trials
A solid first degree in a science subject from an accredited institution is required of applicants, who should ideally also have at least three years of relevant professional experience. Also, candidates must have experience in or an interest in public health.

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health
To advance to the Ph.D. programme, applicants who lack appropriate Masters Level coursework or research experience or who have a Master’s degree or coursework in a field unrelated to the planned Ph.D. programme would need to complete these courses during the first year to make up for their inadequacies.

Such conversions must be approved by the supervisory team and the head of the department.

Master of Public Health
The school’s oldest and most popular academic programme was created to equip students for work in practice and research in public health through the following areas of specialization:

  • Biological Basis of Public, Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Health Policy, Planning, and Management.
  • Population, Family, and Reproductive Health
  • Epidemiology and Disease Control

1 year full-time

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health

A Master’s degree with research in a relevant Public Health area. Candidates with more than three years of working experience will have an advantage.

Candidates should have a strong research background (i.e. academic transcript should show evidence of research methods course).

Candidates should have basic knowledge of statistics and data analysis.

A minimum of four (4) years or 48 calendar months

Short Courses

  • The school also holds the following short courses every year.
  • Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Improving Public Health Intervention in Management
  • HIV/AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Epidemiology and Health Systems Management for District Health Managers
    (For Sierra Leoneans)


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