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UHAS Hall of Residence, Fees, and Location: All Hostels.


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UHAS Hall of Residence, Fees, and Location: All Hostels.

UHAS Hall of Residence: The University of Health and Allied Sciences is one of the youngest public universities in Ghana. UHAS was established to focus on training health professional only.

Administrative campus of the University of Health and Allied Sciences is located in Sokode specifically between Sokode Etoe and the Volta regional capital Ho.

Its operation started in September 2012, when the first batch of 154 students were admitted

The University of Health and Allied Sciences was established by an Act of Parliament (ACT 828 of December 2011) as a public university in Ghana. The main campus including the central administration is in Ho. A second campus is located in Hohoe.

AN ACT to provide for the establishment of the University of Health and Allied Sciences to be a pre-eminent research and practically orientated health educational institution dedicated to community service and to provide for related matters.

The University of Health and Allied Sciences is a leading university in the nation that is continually growing and focuses on educating students on health science courses.

This article will focus on all the hostels on Ho campus.

These hostels are located at different areas in the municipality.

UHAS Hall of Residence: Some of the UHAS hostels are on Trafalgar or Ho Teaching Hospital Campus and Fees

Dave and the Permanent campus also have some hostels.

Permanent Hostel

The name of the hostel, Permanent, comes from the main campus, Permanent Site.

It is close to the lecturer’s bungalows and the main campus in Sokode, both of which are reachable on foot.

UHAS hostel, Permanent site Hostel
Permanent site hostel

Additionally, this hostel provides WIFI, a constant supply of water, a bathroom for each room, a common kitchen for the entire building, and a refrigerator room.

68 students, predominantly Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MBMB) students, can stay in this dormitory, including level 100s and some continuing students.

Asogli Hall

One of the hostels constructed by the institution where is Asorgli Hostel, which is located close to the Trafalgar campus.

One of the most stunning residences on campus, it includes WIFI, a constant supply of water, CCTV cameras, a bathroom in every room, a balcony that doubles as a kitchen, and rooms that can accommodate up to four students each.

Asogli hall of residence
Asogli hall of residence

This particular accommodation is mostly for medical students, along with a small number of pharmacy, PA, and other program-specific students.

Defiat Hall

The Defiat hostel can be found close to Nogora crossroads.

Due to its size and the fact that two rooms share a bathroom, it can accommodate more people than 4 but fewer than 6.

It is the only hostel with a mini kitchen. This hostel has a study room for each floor, including a TV room.

Defiat Hall of residency
Defiat Hall of residency

The hostel has a hostel refrigerator for students and lovers benches surrounding the hostel for relaxation.

Alongside pipe water, they have a borehole that provides them water in case the pipe is closed.

Jim Fugar Hall

Jim Fugar hall of residence
Jim Fugar hall of residence

The hostel Jim Fugar, which gets its name from the owner, is situated behind Ho Technical University (HTU).

similar to the accommodations in the medical hostel. taking students for SONAM, physio, imaging, and speech.

Currently, there isn’t a study room, although the ones mentioned previously do. Some rooms will be converted into study spaces, according to the plans.

The hostel is gated and has 24 hours security.

Edna Hostel

Edina hostel, located around the Stevens Hotel, is for some MBMB freshers and MBMB continuing students.

Edna Hostel
Edna Hostel

SRC Hostel

This hostel was procured by the SRC to help the school solves its accommodation issues.

It is located around the Nogora junction. It’s a private hostel for continuing students.

SRC Hostel
SRC Hostel

It is also a gated hostel with CCTV cameras, 24/7 security, a TV room, washroom for each room and it takes two people in a room.

Alex Dey Hostel

Alex Dey hostel is located on maryland road and few kilometres walk from Jim Fugar Hall.

Alex Dey Hostel
Alex Dey Hostel

It has Wi-Fi connectivity, a TV room, and 24 hou24-hours security. it is also a gated hostel.

Trafalgar Hostel

Trafalgar hostel is located on the Ho Teaching Hospital campus. The hostel house mainly Medical students.

UHAS Hostel Fees

University accommodation is compulsory for all newly admitted (level 100) undergraduate students

The University accommodation charge is as follows:

. All other hostels – GHS 1,756.95

. New Medical hostels – GHS 2,180.00 per student


  • Every hostel has strong security. A wall with a gate surrounds hostels like Jim Fugar, Defiat, Alex Dey, Edna, and Permanent Hostel, and there is a security guard at the gate.
  • Every morning, cleaners come by to clean the area around the hostels, including all of the hostels. It’s uncommon to have problems with water.
  • Each hostel has a Hostel President who speaks on behalf of the residents.

The university is putting measures in place to construct more hostels to ease pressure on continuing students who hunt for accommodation in town at high cost.


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