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Unique benefits of pure Honey and its side effect you should know.


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Unique benefits of pure Honey: When we see bees, we either run away or kill them before it stings us. The honey they make is far sweeter than their painful sting. Isn’t it an unusual combination?

Unique benefits of pure Honey

However, honey is widely consumed around the world. Honey is used by people for a variety of things, including healthy skin, nice hair, weight loss, and sweetening. In the same way that every coin has two faces, so does Honey. While unpackaged honey also has drawbacks, raw honey has a variety of health advantages.

People rely on packaged honey, which is purely made of sugar because raw honey is difficult to get.

What Is Honey?

Honey, however, doesn’t need an introduction. But for the record, it is made from the nectar of flowers and is created in the honey sacs of different bees. It is delicious, gummy, liquid, and dark golden.

The nectar’s flavour and colour are influenced by the flowers from which it is collected. Therefore, honey offers several advantages that might enhance the health and performance of your heart. The best aspect is that you may put it in hot or cold drinks, add it to toast or use it as a sweetener.

Unique benefits of pure Honey

Nutritional Value of Raw Honey (1 tbsp = 21g)

Energy – 60.1 kcal

Carbohydrate – 17 g

Sugar – 16 g


Unique benefits of pure Honey

How Is Honey Made?

You might be astonished to learn that 60,000 bees visit more than 2 million flowers across a distance of up to 55,000 miles to collect nectar for one pound of honey. Intriguingly, when the nectar is collected, the bee stores it in its extra-large stomach, where it combines with enzymes and is subsequently regurgitated into the mouth of another bee. The nectar is poured into a honeycomb after being subjected to this procedure until it begins to partially digest

The honey bees then use their wings to fan the liquid nectar, causing the water to evaporate and forming the thick substance known as “honey.”

Health benefits of Honey

When combined with other substances, it offers several advantages in addition to pleasing the taste bud.

Unique benefits of pure Honey

Boosts Immunity

 Honey’s natural sugar boosts athletic performance and avoids weariness during exercise. Additionally, honey’s glucose is swiftly absorbed by the body, providing an instant energy boost. You should be aware that because fructose is digested slowly, it gives out prolonged energy.

 In comparison to other forms of sugar, it also maintains adequate blood sugar levels at a consistent level. You may use honey as a substitute for energy drinks and your daily coffee fix.

Unique benefits of pure Honey

You may use honey as a spread, a sweetener for baked goods, or beverages like tea. Honey has health advantages that increase immunity and memory.

Antioxidants and antibacterial properties found in honey aid to strengthen immunity and enhance the digestive system.

Additionally, honey’s antioxidants are particularly good in removing free radicals from the body.

First thing in the morning, add a tablespoon of honey and half a lemon juice to a cup of warm water for a powerful cleanser. As a result, the advantages of warm water with lemon and honey are widely established.

Treatment of Cough

This is one of the health advantages of honey that has been proven to be helpful. A cough that won’t go away can be treated with just two tablespoons of honey and ginger. Its antibacterial qualities, which also destroy some of the germs that cause illness, account for this.

If you prefer not to consume your honey raw, you may still enjoy it by combining it with warm water.

Unique benefits of pure Honey

Improves Sleep

However, honey also improves your quality of sleep. It causes the release of serotonin, a chemical that elevates your mood. Serotonin is subsequently transformed by the body into melatonin, a hormone that controls the duration and quality of sleep.

You can consequently rapidly fall asleep by mixing a scoop of honey into warm milk. For better sleep, you may also add a spoonful or two of honey to a cup of chamomile tea.

Weight Loss

One of honey’s finest advantages is that it promotes weight loss. Warm water with honey is beneficial for weight reduction and serves as a powerful anti-cellulite remedy since it boosts your body’s metabolism. Consequently, honey helps you manage your hunger, per research. Additionally, the body starts to burn more fat during the first few hours of sleep if you ingest honey before bed.

Additionally, you may switch out all of the refined sugar in your diet for honey to rebalance the brain signal that encourages you to eat more sweets.

Unique benefits of pure Honey

Good for the Skin

Honey has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and very moisturising benefits for your skin in addition to acting as a natural exfoliant.

However, honey is an amazing moisturiser and does wonders for dry skin spots. You may use it on your elbows, knees, and even chapped lips to soften them up.

Additionally, you may use honey as a natural exfoliant by mixing it with sugar to make a moisturising scrub. Thus, there are several applications for honey for the face.

Promotes hair growth

Honey, however, can temporarily soothe the scalp by focusing on dandruff. According to the research, if you apply honey diluted with 10% warm water to problem areas and leave it on for three hours before rinsing, you’ll experience relief from itching and no scaling within a week. Also, honey functions as a natural moisturiser for the hair and a scalp cleanser, leaving you silky and smooth without removing any of your natural oils.

Additionally, you can deep condition your hair for 20 minutes with honey and olive oil before shampooing it. You can also add a teaspoon of honey to your regular shampoo.

Unique benefits of pure Honey

Aids in burns and wound healing

 Honey acts as a natural first-aid cure for wounds, burns, and cuts and helps promote healing.

Honey is made up of mostly glucose and fructose that absorb water if applied to wounds.

Additionally, honey’s antibacterial qualities prevent the development of certain germs and aid in preventing infection in open wounds.

Additionally, an inflammatory, honey aids in reducing pain, swelling, and even scarring.

Prevents Heart Disease

Natural honey consumption boosts blood levels of polyphonic antioxidants, which helps avoid heart problems. Additionally, it lowers cholesterol levels.

According to research, honey may also help regulate your heartbeat, decrease blood pressure, enhance blood fat levels, and save healthy people from dying.

Propolis, a form of resin that helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, is another component of raw honey.

Side Effects of Honey

Yes, there are negative sides to honey that you should know before consuming it. Below are the disadvantages of honey.

  1. Stomach Problems and Bloating

Too much honey consumption can harm our digestive systems and cause gas, bloating, and stomach issues.

While bloating and stomach cramps are bad for our health, digestive system issues are the cause of them.

Because of this, consuming too much honey can also result in diarrhoea and constipation.

2. Increases Blood Sugar Levels

For diabetic individuals or those who are at risk of developing diabetes, honey at higher doses is not at all advised.

Because honey contains a lot of sugar, it raises your blood sugar level.

Furthermore, honey lacks fibre, which further raises blood sugar levels by accelerating the rate at which sugar enters the system.

3. Leads to Overweight

Most people who are trying to lose weight prefer to eat honey. To lose weight, however, everyone should constantly combine honey with warm water or lemon juice.

As a result, eating too much honey or taking it alone rather than with water or lemon juice can result in weight gain. Additionally, this may potentially result in obesity.

4. Gastrointestinal Tract problem

The gastrointestinal tract may experience more issues if honey is consumed in excess.

However, honey’s high fructose content makes it difficult for our small intestines to absorb nutrients.

Thus, this might result in gastrointestinal tract dysfunction, which could then cause digestive problems, gastric ulcers, haemorrhoids, and even GERD.

5. Leads to Botulism

It’s not extremely common to have botulism. But is a severe disease brought on by a poison that targets the body’s nerves.

Well, some honey includes clostridium botulinum spores, which the digestive system cannot at all sustain.

This thus causes botulism poisoning in children and even adults. Constipation, a decline in appetite, weakness, and even vomiting may result from this.

6. Increases Allergy

In actuality, those with pollen or celery allergies should not consume honey at all. As soon as they come in contact with honey, they might begin to sneeze or cough right away.

Honey can therefore be toxic for those who are allergic to it.

7. Increase Risk of Bleeding

For people with a risk of bleeding internally or externally, for them, honey is not advisable.

This, therefore, means people with bleeding disorders should be very careful about the dosage of honey.

8. Causes Insulin Insensitivity

Since honey contains acid, it may destroy the teeth’s enamel as well as the lining of the stomach, intestines, and oesophagus. Acid reflux disease may result from this in the future.

Consequently, consuming too much honey will cause insulin sensitivity.

9. Causes Teeth Cavities

Consumption of too much honey is not at all good for dental health. It makes your teeth weaker and erodes the enamel of the teeth.

Moreover, also develops a stain on your teeth which may not look good.


Honey is indeed far better than refined sugar. But it does not mean you consume too much of it. Along with benefits it also has side effects as discussed above. Honey although is best in the management of disease as well. Moreover, it is composed of sugar, small amounts of several vitamins and minerals, and is rich in health-promoting plant compounds.

Don’t forget that only raw honey is beneficial, all the benefits in this article are attributed to raw honey.


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