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Visionary Norman Foundation Sparks Empowerment and Transformation in Lambussie District


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Visionary Norman Foundation Sparks Empowerment and Transformation in Lambussie District.

The Visionary Norman Foundation has played a pivotal role in bringing about a remarkable transformation in the Lambussie District, marked by notable progress and a heightened sense of empowerment.

The Foundation donated sanitary pads to teenagers

On the noteworthy date of July 7th, 2023, a group consisting of influential individuals, community leaders, and dedicated volunteers observed firsthand the Foundation’s innovative initiatives aimed at

improving the lives of numerous young individuals residing in Suke, Samoa, Dindee, Chum, and other localities within the district.

Distinguished Guests

Dr. Damien Punguyire, Regional Director of Health Service, Upper West; Dr. Sussie Anku, Medical Doctor and Reproductive & Adolescent Counsellor.

Mr. Bin-eranaa Jerdu Nuhu, Ag. Lambussie District Director of Health Services; and Dr. Abena Yeboah, Ayawaso East Municipal Director of Health Services

and Director of the Visionary Norman Foundation.

United in their mission to provide reproductive health education, vital screenings, contraceptive services, and donations of sanitary pads to teenagers in these communities.

Dr. Damien Punguyire, Regional Director of Health Service, expressed wholehearted support for the comprehensive plan aimed at tackling the issue of teenage pregnancy.

Recognizing the surge in teenage pregnancies and early marriages that disrupt educational opportunities, he emphasized the importance of collective efforts to address this public health concern.

Following successful practices in other villages, the Lambussie District is set to implement a strategy that includes imposing fines on men who are found responsible for impregnating teenagers.


This measure aims to address the issue and aligns with effective approaches adopted elsewhere.

Dr. Abena Yeboah, Municipal Director of Health Service (Ayawaso East) and Director of the Visionary Norman Foundation, conveyed profound gratitude to the Chiefs, District Health Directorate of Lambussie, GES Director, and the community for their unwavering support and warm reception.

In a poignant speech, Chief Kworo Sakura Tigro Samoa of Suke extended a warm welcome to the Foundation.

He expressed gratitude for their dedication to addressing the challenges faced by Lambussie’s youth.

The Chief acknowledged the detrimental impact of teenage pregnancy on the future of young girls, applauding the Foundation’s commitment to supporting and empowering these girls through their transformative initiatives.

Teenagers across the district at the event

The GES Director, representing the absent Education Director, shed light on the severe threat posed by teenage pregnancy to the future of teenage girls in the district.

He commended the Foundation for their tireless efforts to combat this pressing issue, recognizing the potential for dropout rates to rise without such interventions.

The Foundation’s presence offers a beacon of hope, enabling adolescent girls to embrace the joys of childhood and adolescence unhindered by the burdens of early parenthood.

During the event, a teenager from a local school captivated the audience with a powerful poem, highlighting the intrinsic value, strength, and potential of girls.

The poem called for an end to the exploitation of their worth, emphasizing the importance of education and rejecting objectification based on physical attributes.

Dr. Sussie Anku, in her address, shed light on the prevalence of teenage pregnancy in the district and its far-reaching consequences for girls, communities, and the nation as a whole.

Visionary Norman Foundation

She urged parents, chiefs, and all stakeholders present to join the campaign against early child marriage and elopement of female teenagers.

Dr. Anku emphasized the need for collective action and involvement to combat this menace effectively.

Through the Visionary Norman Foundation’s outreach in the Lambussie District, a powerful transformation has begun.

By providing comprehensive reproductive health education, vital screenings, and access to contraceptive services, the Foundation is paving the way for a future where young girls can thrive without the burden of early parenthood.

The collaborative spirit displayed by the Foundation and the community members present reflects their shared commitment to empowering youth and transforming communities.

With unwavering dedication to equality, education, and access to essential resources, the Visionary Norman Foundation continues to inspire change and ignite hope in the hearts of adolescents in Lambussie District and beyond.

Their transformative efforts promise a brighter future for the youth, ultimately leading to empowered communities and a more prosperous society.

About the foundation

The Visionary Norman Foundation, a registered non-profit organization, is deeply committed to empowering individuals and communities by providing support, resources, and opportunities.

With a vision to create a society where everyone has equal access to essential needs, education, healthcare, and opportunities for growth, their motto “Empowering youth, transforming communities” encapsulates their mission.


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